Communication  + Research + Coaching = Patient Empowerment

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The Patients' Project has a simple   three-pronged approach to the process of health literacy. 

These are the three components covered during our one day seminars.


They are also available individually if you have special needs.


How to search the web for the information you need.


How to gauge the authenticity of various health sites.


How to compile and organize information.


How to use research to support your health situation.


How to understand medical terminology.


The first part of our seminar program is a roundtable    discussion. Most participants are more than willing to share their health status and their needs, and listen while others tell their stories.


The pace is casual, yet animated, since most are used to a rather hurried, and sometimes abrupt medical professional in an office setting and only remember trying desparately to get through their list of questions.

        Health Coaching

Health coaching is available at all times, but it is most effective  after attending a seminar. Free one on one coaching available for two weeks after seminar participation.


Available through live chat, telephone, or email.