Through health literacy patients will find their voice.

Communication.  Research.  Coaching.


 Communication  + Research + Coaching = Patient Empowerment

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Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.   Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime...Chinese Proverb

Health Coaching.

The Patients' Project:


  • We give you the tools to communicate with your medical team, your support system, and those in your social network.

  • Show you how to find and use resources on the Internet. You will learn to discern what is authentic and what is "quakery" (our opinion anyway).

  • Become your health coach (if you need one) to learn how to navigate the healthcare system and get the medical care you are searching for.

  • Demonstrate the best processes for making health care decisions.


Two weeks of coaching is included as the final part of our health literacy program.


If you need more time, or have a specific problem, we are available at an hourly or monthly rate.


If you're at a place where you'd like to use our other services - navigation, advocacy, or Internet research, just ask.




  1. Teach self-management skills

  2. Bridge gap between clinician (s) and patient

  3. Help patient navigate the health care system

  4. Offer emotional support

  5. Provide continuity between doctors, caregivers, and social network


  • Give you medical advice. We're coaching you so you can obtain advice on your own.

  • Make your decisions for you.

  • Give our opinion about your doctor or medical team.

  • But, we will help you use the tools to make your own wise decisions.

  • We don't make any medical assessments.

  • We don't provide disease-specific coaching but will help you find a resource, e.g., a diabetes coach.

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