Communication  + Research + Coaching = Patient Empowerment

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Physicians and Clinics.

Patients and primary care physicians:      A weak link in the continuum of care What kind of action is needed?

One half of patients leave their health care visits to primary care physicians (PCPs) - internists, family practice doctors, or pediatricians) not having an undertanding of what they had discussed with their doctor.




One of our specialties is creating handbooks targeting patients and their primary care physicians (PCPs) that provide  "food for thought" and resources for a specific medical issue in a quick, easily understood manner.


If your disease is unknown to your PCP, and others in your disease community have the same problem, please let us know. We can work with support group leaders (lay experts in their disease) and knowledgeable, motivated patients to create a resource that lights the path to understanding and resources.


Your physician should be educated enough that he knows which specialist to recommend, the basic diagnostic tests for your symptoms, and also be by your side directing traffic.

How We Work With Physicians

  •   After-visit patient surveys

  •   Research and compile information to distribute to patients

  •   Provide general or disease-specific resources for patients

  •   Provide health coaching services for patients

  •   Provide research services

  •   How best to communicate with the patient

  •   Provide on-site mini-seminar on using the Internet for medical    information

  •   Review patient protocols


Physicians are as frustrated as patients when everything is not going right. But, ultimately it is up to you, the patient, to move forward with your care.