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Zebra Talk 2015

Due out in July 2015


A group of amazingly talented volunteers helped make this project become as valuable to the community as we had hoped it would become.

The James D. Rives Professor,                Surgery and Neuroscience
Section Chief, Surgical Endocrinology

Louisiana State University,

Health Sciences Center

Honorary Medical Editor,

The Patients' Project

"I am proud to say I had a tiny, tiny bit to do with this. Suzi hit the ball outa the park with this booklet. If you don't look at and really read this, you are making a big mistake. This is a real reference work and is written so that it is fun to read. Atta girl Suzi."  June 5, 2014

Dr. Eugene A. Woltering


Dr. Woltering is the medical conscience of: ACOR Listserv Carcinoid Group, Yahoo's Carcinoid and Lung Carcinoid Groups and Facebook groups.


Community Reaction to the Inaugural Edition of Zebra Talk Published June, 2014.


On the third printing and still going strong.

Dr.Thomas O'Dorisio


“…it (Zebra Talk) is well done and very informative and helpful. I would like …to give out to folks who attend our six weekly Clinics dedicated to Carcinoid and NETs."  June 17, 2014

Neuroendocrine Cancer Clinic, Co-Director

University of Iowa, Dept. of Internal Medicine

Castle Connolly Top Doctors (2012-2013)

Patients' Choice Award (2012)



  Dr. David Metz











Associate Chief for Clinical Affairs,

Division of Gastroenterology

Co-Director, NET Cancer Program

Abramson Cancer Center

University of Pennsylvania



"This is a comprehensive, on target and empowering resource for patients with NETs"

Patients and Caregivers

"Thank you Suzi for posting the booklet, what a GREAT source of information."     N.H.  July 13, 2014

"Suzi, please mail me the booklet...have several doctors that need to be informed about carcinoid. B.M. July 13, 2014

"... I have been sending this to everyone who asks about my disease (and love the fact that this is targeted to primary care physicians as well)...! It's really helpful to me as well as it cleared up some questions I had (questions I didn't know that I should have had...).  C.M. June 4, 2014

"Suzi Garber, you have done a fabulous job with this. Thank you so much!"  M.A.E.  June 4, 2014

"Great web site!"  S.L. June 4, 2014


"I can't thank you enough for this site!!! It is a blessing!!!"    C.P.R. June 4, 2014

"Hi, I just finished reading this wonderful book. I'm still trying to figure out my situation and was wondering if you could send me a copy along eith my doctors...would love to share this information with my doctor at Sloan Kettering...

M.P. June 11, 2014

"WOW! Thank you so much for this. It is incredibly comprehensive!!!"  K.D.W..  June 5, 2014


"Suzi, I posted the link on Heartland Carcinoids and have had thank yous. Thank you from all of us!" L.H. June 4, 2014